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my wishful thoughts

my wishful thoughts

The ‘my wishful thoughts’ is a great female blog template. Besides the standard blog features it allows you to have a beautiful video blog. Additionally, it is very flexible – almost every block of content can be moved to other place or removed completely. Although it may look quite complex, it’s really simple and accessible.


  1. Phil

    Jul 12, 11:44 AM

    This template is beautiful. Well done!

  2. Mourner

    Jul 12, 12:00 PM

    Wow, what a creative template! Gorgeous!

    The ‘my wishful thoughts’ is a great female blog template.

    A hairy metal guy would love it too ;)))

  3. Stephanie Hider

    Jul 12, 01:04 PM

    Really like your template. It is very nice including the manual =)

  4. Piotr Delawski

    Jul 12, 11:13 PM

    Thanks guys!:)

    Very soon there will be a mini tutorial on the demo site. It will tell you how to customize the silhouette in the header of the template. There will also be instructions of how to make ‘my wishful thoughts’ a male blog template (not only for those listening to metal;) )

  5. Stephanie Hider

    Jul 13, 10:10 PM

    Until I learn CSS and Textpattern better I am using yours as my blog hehe I am taking the liberty of modifying it (nothing there yet)

  6. Piotr Delawski

    Jul 14, 12:34 AM

    Wow! Great customization, Stephanie! I haven’t realized that my template can be so nicely tuned:)

  7. Ali

    Jul 14, 02:01 AM

    Love, love, love, love, love this template. Am currently switching from WP to TXP, so it’s not up yet, but it will definately be up shortly. Best template I’ve seen thus far. Actually, I quit using TXP originally because I hated the templates available for it (and was/am too inept to make my own), seeing this template has raised my spirits and hopes that people are finally designing fun, easy to use templates for TXP. Kudos again!

  8. Stephanie Hider

    Jul 14, 10:33 AM

    Thanks glad you like it and aren’t offended by the changes hehe. Your CSS is great. I am learning alot. I like how you separate the upper and lower parts. Very well thought out layout. I need to learn how to think of a page like that and your template has helped me a ton. I learn best by dissecting something. Thanks alot =)

  9. Piotr Delawski

    Jul 14, 02:05 PM

    Yes – braking something apart is the best way of learning such things. I’ve learned html and css similarly:)

    To be honest – I think that this template’s style sheet isn’t very well written… It would be better if the layout description and color/fonts information were separated. In such case you would have far less customization work to do (but you wouldn’t learn so much;) )

  10. Ali

    Jul 15, 12:02 PM

    Hi Piotr, I’m having trouble with the videos. Check out my site and you’ll see what I mean. Any ideas? Thanks! :)

  11. Piotr Delawski

    Jul 16, 03:58 AM

    Hi Ali, unfortunately I don’t have access to any computer till sunday (short break far away from the city:) ) and the browser on Symbian on my mobile does not show videos at all…

    Try to describe the problem here and maybe I’ll be able to help you;)

  12. Marco

    Jul 20, 05:17 AM

    Beautiful Template. Compliments.

  13. Piotr Delawski

    Jul 21, 11:32 AM

    Hi Ali, I’m back home and I’ve checked out your site. I haven’t seen there any problem with videos but it looks like there’s an error in the style sheet (e.g lists have default bullets which shouldn’t be displayed, there are margins in your ). I don’t know why your CSS code doesn’t start with the ‘undohtml’ part…

    Download the whole package again (just to be sure you’re having a proper version of the template), open ‘styles/style_undohtml.txt’, copy its content and paste it at the very beginning of your ‘default’ style sheet. The quirks should disappear then:)

  14. skywaker

    Jul 24, 10:15 AM

    nice :D

  15. Piotr Delawski

    Jul 24, 01:15 PM

    Finally, I’ve managed to finish the quick tutorial about replacing the default silhouette image in the header of the template with your own. There’s also an exemplary male version of the silhouette ready to download and use on your own site. Check them out on the demo site.

    Additionally, there’s available a small CSS styles update file with few bug fixes.

  16. Metta

    Jul 30, 02:52 PM

    I’m loving the template, but I’m having one problem I can’t seem to correct: When the first article on the front page (in the big balloon) has blockquotes in it, the quotation-mark background sticks way out to the left of the balloon.

  17. Piotr Delawski

    Jul 31, 11:51 AM

    Hi Metta, I’ve fixed the bug you wrote about. Please, download the newest ‘default’ styles file (it’s also available on the demo site).

  18. Metta

    Jul 31, 07:18 PM

    It’s working brilliantly now. Thanks for your very prompt fix!

  19. Curtis

    Oct 13, 04:58 AM

    Love the template i really do. Was wondering if you could include the psd for the graphics so that i might be able to customize it a bit more. I love the look but was wanting to change a couple of the colors. Will probally end up just stripping it and remaking the PSD but if you could email it I would greatly appreciate it and I will happily link to your site after i have modified it. Thank you so much

  20. Fath

    Oct 18, 08:25 PM

    Hi Piotr. I have problem with my wishful thoughts. Look at my site. The recent articles and video isn’t showing. I’ve read through your manual over and over again and I’m already out of idea where to fix. Did I missed something?

  21. Piotr Delawski

    Oct 19, 12:32 PM

    Hi Fath, it seems that you have not enough articles to list them in recent articles section. Remember that there have to be more than 3 articles in archive to populate the recent articles list on the main page (the 3 most recent articles are listed above the menu on the main page; on the other hand, look at the article page – there the recent articles section is populated because there’s no offset specified).

    There’s another problem with the videos. You have changed the name of the section from “videos” to “video”. Try changing the name of the section back to “videos” in the Presentation->Sections tab (you can set the title of the section to whatever you want to be displayed on site). This should help:)

  22. Fath

    Oct 20, 06:33 PM

    Hi Piotr. It really works. Thanks :)
    May I ask something? Is there any ways to embed videos from any other sources than YouTube like Veoh, etc?

  23. Piotr Delawski

    Oct 23, 11:47 AM

    Of course, it is possible to embed video from any other source than YouTube, but it requires some modifications both in Txp pages/forms structure and in xhtml/css code.

    The “video” article form should be changed (all of the YouTube-specific code should be removed and only the txp custom field tag: [txp:custom_field name=“youtube_id”] should stay there) and the “videos” page template should also be changed, because different video services use different movie sizes. E.g. Veoh uses 540×438px videos wheres current “videos” page template is designed for smaller videos. It can be easily changed provided you know basics of css and html (excerpt and body of video post could be moved under the larger and centered movie window).

    I hope I’ll manage:)


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