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Roowhaline is clean and neat template. It’s also very flexible and well-documented.


  1. Peter

    Jul 11, 01:32 PM

    Another very nice template! Wow, there’s lots of good ones, aren’t there! Works well, looks good, somebody will love using this template.

    One slight problem. I use Opera 8.5 (awkward aren’t I?) and the feeds bit is a little out of line. But it all works fine.

  2. Dmitriy

    Jul 11, 08:00 PM


    Thanks for your comment and bug report. Behavior in O8 may be fixed by playing with #secondary-menu’s elements float and z-index properties in CSS. I’ll try to update style as soon as I’ll have some time to do it.

  3. Marcus

    Jul 11, 08:06 PM

    Wow, so far this is the best entry in this year’s competition!

  4. Юнуз

    Aug 11, 01:45 PM

    Dmitriy, thanks for this template, it is really nice. I have a very strange problem when using it — the background for the .poddon and .poddon_small divs wouldn’t load, despite the fact I have the image (poddon_background.gif) in the same directory as all other (loading) background images. You can check the website at

    I have tried to go through the relevant CSS class definitions and the page template, but cannot realize what’s wrong. Image file permissions are fine, class references for the divs are fine, the class definition in the CSS is fine too, the image shows up when called in the browser directly. Do you have any advise on this? Will appreciate it.


  5. Dmitriy

    Aug 17, 09:44 AM


    You could get answers by email much much quicker. Anyway.. Looks like you renamed images or smthng like this. Compare: and Noticed the diffference? Ж)

    And by the way, there will be no fixes for O8 from me.


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