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Aleksandr is a template created in the free, flexible, elegant and easy-to-use spirit of Textpattern.


  1. Erwin Heiser

    Jul 11, 02:20 PM

    Nice work and a template that can be easily customized with another banner image and colors. I can see this becoming a popular download :)

  2. Natalie

    Jul 12, 09:38 AM

    I wasn’t going to play favorites, mostly because there are so many awesome templates this year, but this one is my favorite. Although it’s weird to see the primary content focused on the right of the screen, the layout is unique and very classy. The lines are clean, the colors just bold enough, and I can get used to looking right for content. :)

  3. Mourner

    Jul 12, 12:04 PM

    Nice grid, looks great! Jeff Croft would like this. :)

    P.S. The only thing I don’t quite get is the purpose of menu hiding/showing functionality.

  4. Carl

    Jul 15, 11:18 AM

    This theme is freggin awesome!

  5. Elena

    Jul 15, 04:07 PM

    I love it. I truly believe this one is the best template here.

  6. chris

    Jul 30, 02:03 PM


    I’ve installed everything as spec’d and I am getting a 1 px high background image and the contact page showing up on the main page… any thoughts?

  7. Eddie

    Aug 7, 10:08 AM

    I’m having trouble getting this template to work properly. It is installed according to the guide, but like Chris, I only see the header image as 1 px high and none of the articles actually show up. The article title does, but none of the body … also, the menu doesn’t toggle.

    Seems like what is downloaded isn’t the same as what the demo is …

    Any thoughts?

  8. Joe

    Aug 8, 12:59 AM

    Hi, I love this template, and would like to use it on my site – but I’m running into the very same problems as Chris and Eddie above. I put some text as excerpt to the “First post”, and finally it appeared, but when I click on “Read more”, I only get the excerpt text, not the article… The header problem persists, see above. Perhaps Mat, the creator of the template could join us here? Thanks, any help is appreciated highly.

  9. Zoltán

    Aug 8, 05:57 AM

    Congratulations to Mat for the first pize!

    I tried to install the theme to play with it, however I encountered the same problems as described above. Could these problems arise with TXP 4.0.5? I just wonder.

  10. Zoltán

    Aug 8, 06:20 AM

    Oh, one more thing: is there a possibility to set the menu hidden by default so that it appears when the visitor clicks on the “Menu”? Thanx :)

  11. Eddie

    Aug 8, 07:37 AM

    Okay … I think I figured out he problem. To correct the header image issue, go under Forms and look for the header form. There is a tag towards the bottom of the form code that reads: This will pull in TXP’s default divider image. Upload the picture you want to use and change the id number to reflect it. That worked for me.

    Another question I have is with the toggle menu … how can I have the menu toggled “off” by default and the user must click “menu+” to open it instead of the other way around?

    Thanks for any help!

  12. Mat Wiseman

    Aug 8, 06:00 PM

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the lack of response – had a busy couple of weeks.

    I’m going to set this thing up properly with better documentation, skins etc at so please tune in there.

    Thanks again for your support and interest.

  13. chris

    Aug 14, 01:15 PM


    Thanks for getting back. still can’t figure out where the 1px height is being pulled in from… will keep an eye on the other site.


  14. Doug

    Aug 19, 06:12 AM

    There seems to be a problem with excerpts, apart form other issues. I followed the steps for installing the template very carefully and still couldn’t use categoires. A pity.

  15. Doug

    Aug 25, 04:40 AM

    I think I know where the problem lies. It seems that the permalinks are not being directed to the archive page where they should appear with comments, etc. Not really a txp expert, could anyone give me an idea on how to fix this? Help will be much appreciated.


  16. Doug

    Aug 27, 02:03 PM

    Hi, this is the email I sent Mat after he helped me figuring out what was wrong with my installation, I hope it can help someone.

    __Hi Mat,

    Thanks a lot for your patience in helping install Alekdandr. I actually did find out what I was doing wrong, and I think many of the others whi have expressed issues made the same mistake. Namely it was not assignign the correct template for each section, I was assigning the default template to the article section which prevented the permalinks to work. Nothing wrong with the template. Well, tha;ts all for now, thanks for the great template and your kind help one again.




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