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Block Rocker

Block Rocker

Block Rocker is a design heavily influenced by the grid focus found in Transcending CSS by Andy Clarke, and the content focus of people like Garrett Dimon.


  1. Vladimir Agafonkin

    Jul 6, 01:27 PM

    Matthew, why did you close comments on all articles in the demo? I think potential users would want to see how the comments and form look.

  2. Natalie

    Jul 7, 03:39 AM

    Matthew, I love this. I agree with the comments comment, but I really dig the little dude in the header. It would be awesome if he were a PNG so you could change the color scheme around him. :)

  3. Mourner

    Jul 7, 10:46 PM

    Actually I quite like it too. :) The only complaint would be the absence of right padding of content on individual article pages.


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