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P&T is a very clean light-on-dark template with many personalization options.


  1. Phil

    Jul 7, 11:33 AM

    Well done, the template looks very clean and organized.

  2. Mourner

    Jul 8, 01:17 AM

    You put out a great manual for your template!

  3. Eddie

    Jul 11, 06:18 AM

    What’s the difference between Grooving and Listening? I’m trying to figure out how you use them …

  4. Peter

    Jul 11, 08:10 AM

    Very attractive template!

  5. Erwin Heiser

    Jul 11, 09:29 AM

    Thanks all for the positive comments so far, I did try my best to include o decent manual :)
    @Eddie: you got me, that was an oversight. Please delete the “listening” category!

  6. Agung

    Aug 29, 08:57 PM

    there’s an error above the live search. btw, it’s a nice theme. i’m downloading it!


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