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Terra Firma

Terra Firma

Terra Firma is clean template by Sam Brown with earthy green and brown tones.


  1. Natalie Jost

    Jun 28, 11:06 AM

    Wow. This is a really great template, sort of web 2.0 ish without being too flashy. I didn’t notice the style switcher at first and I’m relieved to see it only switches color schemes – beautiful job! I can tell from your other work, this was probably pretty effortless for you! :)

  2. Michael Pate

    Jul 15, 11:54 AM

    Very nice design but perhaps an unfortunate choice of name.

  3. Leslie Halden

    Sep 20, 12:30 PM

    It’d be great if fla_style_switcher and fla_altstyle_link didn’t have dead links.


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