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Peter Moulding’s second template (the first was Texty) is another customizable one featuring loads of display and layout options.


  1. Simon Bowel

    Jun 28, 04:05 AM

    What’s up with you? Can’t you make your mind up? Ever thought of therapy? Keep it simple, stupid! Stop trying to spread your confusion to others with your silly style-switcher! Definitely a NO from me because no matter what you switch to, it still looks dreadful.

  2. Mourner

    Jul 13, 10:49 AM

    Simon, you’re such a boring troll. You chose a wrong place to express yourself.

    I guess all you need is love.

  3. Ali

    Jul 14, 03:36 PM

    The concept intrigues me, but the design and the colours and the layout is simply awful. Excellent concept though!


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