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Grasslands was created with soft greens and simplicity in mind inspired by warm spring rains. It is a simple no-frills design that focuses on the content.


  1. Peter

    Jun 27, 06:04 AM

    Excellent! They don’t come much simpler than this!

  2. Carl

    Jun 27, 06:34 AM

    Thanks! I just hope it all works. I had some problems setting up the demo site with some broken code. It was an adventure. lol

  3. Bob Mackey

    Jun 27, 03:32 PM

    I really like this template, nice and simple, and I didn’t have any problems when I tested it out. Too bad there aren’t more people that use color, I think Carl here is moving in the right direction against all those white background templates that seem to be everywhere these days

  4. Simon Bowel

    Jun 28, 04:04 AM

    It’s raining and you’re surrounded by puke green. Your headphones won’t get you away from it mate! It’s just sooooo depressing! Definitely a NO from me.


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