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Blueprinted is a template for Textpattern designed by Natalie Jost. The look and feel of the site is based on Blueprint Magazine with it’s ample whitespace, decorative typefaces, and clean lines.


  1. Doug

    Jun 26, 07:51 AM

    Beautiful template.

    I have a question though, is the header form intentionally left blank?


  2. Mourner

    Jun 26, 11:31 AM

    Beautiful content architecture, Natalie! Quite an impressive work.

    Doug, it’s a common problem. :) Try to open it with a text editor – it is viewed as blank in many text viewers, but not editors.

  3. Doug

    Jun 26, 02:51 PM

    Mourner, you are right, for some reason I couldn’t open it with the mac os x textedit. I got it now, thanx!

  4. Peter

    Jun 27, 06:17 AM

    Excellent template! You’ve done a few things I’ve done on my templates, Natalie, (in different ways) but you are obviously far more artistic than I am!

    Just one criticism – the menu bar alignment at the top

  5. Natalie

    Jun 27, 10:59 AM

    Hey guys, thanks for the compliments.

    Peter, I’m not seeing anything strange with the menu, lines up perfectly. Although if you’re in ie6… well, we all know ie. ;) I know it was a little too far to the right there but it was so late I figured it wasn’t worth the headache since it’s still functional, just off a few pixels.

    So glad that was the only criticism though! :D

  6. Peter

    Jun 27, 11:28 AM

    Mmm, in Opera 8.5 and Firefox 2, it’s about half an inch to the right of perfect left alignment. But leave it there, or it would be too perfect!

  7. Natalie Jost

    Jun 27, 04:38 PM

    Ah, I see. You’re looking at the text — you’re right, that does appear to the right a bit. The alignment is based on the hover state. When you hover over a link, the box lines up with the body. If the menu were moved to the left to line up the text, then the box would be pushed out to the left, even more out of alignment. In choosing between the two, I thought it best to have the more definite line of the box align rather than the smaller text. Thanks for keeping me on my toes! :) It’s great to have honest feedback from strangers to help me improve on future designs.

  8. Gordon Brander

    Jun 27, 10:32 PM

    Clean and beautiful. I love it! Great design.

  9. Simon Bowel

    Jun 28, 04:03 AM

    Come on, where’s the originality? You’ve ripped off a magazine! You’ll get sued if you don’t watch out! Definitely a NO from me.

  10. Doug

    Jun 28, 05:19 AM

    I went to Bluprint magazine and it doesn’t look at all like this template. Definitely not a rip-off in my opinion, in fact I would say it’s one of the most original templates I’ve seen so far.

  11. Natalie Jost

    Jun 28, 11:08 AM

    Thanks, Doug. :) Simon, you’re a dork.

  12. Dre

    Jun 30, 01:32 AM

    lol @ Simon…
    “A magazine style template” does no translate to “stolen and copied exactly from a magazine” you moron.

    Nat: Love your work, my only crit would be that perhaps the hover state on the menu buttons is a little bit too light? (kinda hard to see the contrast on some monitors). Other than that, great stuff : )

    Now all you need to do is teach me how to make one.

  13. Natalie

    Jul 5, 04:32 AM

    Hey all, I discovered something with this template. I’ve set the images in posts to float left and if they’re larger that 450px wide the excess will be hidden. However, if you’d like to service slightly wider images, simply float the image to the right instead and the excess will hang out to the left of the post content, which actually works better, depending on the photo.

    You can either set .post img to float left or make a new class for it. You could also, if it’s a once in a blue moon kind of thing, use an inline style to change the float orientation.

  14. Andrew

    Jul 26, 08:56 AM

    Gorgeous template! It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed and an excellent reference for my Ultimate Dream Design™.

    But there’s a catch, it seems that Txp 4.0.5 on TextDrives doesn’t like the styles, returning a 412 Precondition failed. Is it just me or has anyone else experienced this with Blueprinted?


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