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Jekyll's Lab

Jekylls Lab

Jekyll’s Lab is a simple blog template featuring valid,
tableless, semantic XHTML 1.0 Strict and a quaint look.


  1. Peter

    Jun 25, 08:49 AM

    Very nice and simple! Just at the mo the navigation needs fixing. Click demo url above for one way. Click Christian Huber for a better way.

  2. JM

    Jun 26, 07:10 PM

    Nice, readable theme. It is quaint too. A few suggestions:

    * Combine the menu hover images and use a transparent PNG or a GIF with a pink matte. * Combine your list-position and background image CSS into one declaration (list-style).

  3. Peter

    Jun 27, 07:01 AM

    Glad to see you’ve fixed the navigation. I really like this site and its quaintness! I hope visitors will follow the link to your site where it gets far more interesting, Christian.

  4. Simon Bowel

    Jun 28, 05:01 AM

    Do you honestly believe that anyone will like looking at your disgusting images? You’re supposed to be attracting people, not repelling them! Definitely a NO from me.

  5. Doug

    Jun 28, 10:30 AM

    For me, one of the front runners. Very original.

  6. Natalie Jost

    Jun 28, 11:53 AM

    Great template, Christian. I particularly like the spacing between the li backgrounds and the borders in the sidebar. I think it adds some dimension.


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