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The Pink Life

The Pink Life

The Pink Life is a colorful template by Fran García


  1. JM

    Jun 26, 06:33 PM

    This theme is a little rough around the edges:

    * The header page curl’s not working out – a full-size image would work much better, or a cleaner page curl.

    * The body text is hard to read – another font, some leading, and a narrower column would help.

    * Where’s the template for the individual articles?

  2. Fran García

    Jun 27, 12:26 AM

    Thank you very much for your advices and your bug reporting. I’ve already solved the problem with the individual articles

  3. Peter

    Jun 27, 06:35 AM

    I had no trouble reading it. It’s clean and simple to navigate.

  4. Simon Bowel

    Jun 28, 04:06 AM

    In all my born days I have never seen such a beautiful design as this marvellous template! The delicate intricate background offsets the pink perfectly and all carefully proportioned gaps evoke the spread of wings that will at any moment fly the visitor into unknown realms of design heaven! Absolutely fantastic. This is definitely a YES from me.

    (I trust the cheque is in the post, Fran?)

  5. Natalie Jost

    Jun 28, 11:04 AM

    The hanging indents on the lists are nice and overall the template is clean. I’d love to see some more padding between the text and the edges of the body. It would make things so much easier to read, but really, good job.

  6. Fran García

    Jun 29, 02:26 AM

    Guauu!Thank you very much for your posts and your tips. I want to make some changes with the padding, but It will be the next week.


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