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One Week Left

Get those templates in, we’re only a week away from the closing of the competition!

When you’re template is finished, send ‘em to and include:

  • The attached, zipped template (including screenshot 125×125)
  • Path to demo of template
  • Your Name
  • Your Homepage (if applicable)
  • Your Comments


  1. peroty

    Jun 22, 11:04 AM

    I’m preparing my design(s) right now. Cleaning up and commenting code, making things easier for someone else to implement. I might even knock out a second one if I can get it into Textpattern in time (and if work allows).

    I hope a lot of people are waiting until the end to submit. There were so many awesome designs last year. I hope some good stuff comes out of this one too!

  2. Geoff

    Jun 27, 08:19 PM

    What does it say about TxP that only nine templates were submitted this year? I love me some TxP severely, but it’d be nice to have 10% of the popularity that WP has. Not for the sake of popularity itself, but well, a larger community has many benefits for all.

  3. Zoltán

    Jun 27, 09:11 PM

    Geoff, I don’t think it tells anything about TXP as such… If you look at several WP contests (plugin and templatewise) – they turned out to be… well, they did not draw too many applicants. Does that tell you anything about either WP or its community? Don’t think so…

  4. Mourner

    Jun 27, 09:20 PM

    I suppose a lot of themes were submitted in the last minute but they were just not processed by Tom. So it’s early to make any statements about success of the competition.

  5. Mourner

    Jun 27, 09:21 PM

    Let’s wait one day more at least :)

  6. Carl

    Jun 28, 04:27 AM

    It would be nice to have some more popularity to Textpatter but the people who use it are very knowledgeable and helpful and I love the community around it.
    It’s kinda like Textpattern being the Mac of the CMS world. Those who want quality and simplicity use Textpattern. The rest use Wordpress. ;-)
    (I’m mostly kidding. I just love me some Textpattern so, so much!)

  7. Thame

    Jun 28, 05:20 AM

    Hope this answers some of your questions.

    I didn’t get the response I was looking for so I’m making one more push by extending the deadline.

  8. iddaa

    Jun 28, 08:27 AM

    I hope a lot of people are waiting until the end to submit. There were so many awesome designs last year. I hope some good stuff comes out of this one too!

  9. Peter

    Jun 28, 09:00 AM

    There have been some great designs on the ‘Let’s See Yours Then’ txp forum in recent months. The community has definitely got great designers. I hope some of them will contribute a template. Perhaps some them don’t like to give their secrets away? Perhaps some are afraid clients will just use their templates and not employ them anymore? Perhaps some just don’t have time to do a real good template, which does take time if you want it just right. Perhaps some entered in the past and feel they’ve done their bit. Perhaps some are doing their bit for the community in other ways.

    There’s lots more reasons why not to enter so nobody can really judge the popularity or success of textpattern or other cms by the number submitting templates. From what I’ve seen so far the standard is high and I just hope a few more designers will enter. Meantime, we can enjoy the entries and maybe design another.

  10. sohbet

    Jul 19, 08:30 AM

    Let’s wait one day more at least :)

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