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Textplates Badges

Have your own website or blog? Help publicize Textplates by adding one of these badges.

Also, feel free to make your own. Post a comment with your own badges and I’ll add ‘em to the list.

Update: Grab the PSD


  1. Jacob Rainer

    Jun 12, 04:17 PM

    Mmmm, very nice. I’ll have to make some of my own.

  2. Mary

    Jun 18, 04:00 PM

    Yes, they are nice.

    Do you think you could do these in PNG, or offer a PSD source of them? All except the last one look terrible when not using them on a background colour of #aca799. I had to use the last one on the Txp site, when I’d like to use one of the larger ones. :)

  3. Thame

    Jun 19, 10:35 AM

    Sorry about that Mary. I didn’t really know how to make the badges so I ended up going the safe route (ugly, non-alpha transparent GIF’s).

    I’ve added the PSD if you’d like to crop out your own: Download


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