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Welcome to Textplates ’07

The 2nd annual Textpattern Template Competition, Textplates ‘07, is finally here. The competition is back with a brand new website and some amazing prizes ($11,000 worth) that are sure to make it even better than last year’s.

To recap, last year saw over 40 submissions with 100,000 downloads and counting, and over a million hits. Since then, the Textpattern community has grown even more and I’m hoping we can top all those numbers this year.

Our fantastic sponsors have provided some truly exciting prizes. SiteGround again stepped up as the featured sponsors, tossing a new 1.66GHz Mac Mini into the pool. Also, Foing is providing a slew of hosting packages for the first 50 submitters and an awesome “Lifetime” account to the winner. Check the prizes page for more information.

The competition will run from today Wednesday, May 16th to June 27th, giving you slackers six weeks to get something in. During this period, I will be posting some tutorials and “How-to’s” to guide those of you who are still unfamiliar with Textpattern or its templating system. Grab the feed to stay up-to-date on all the competition happenings.

I will also announce more details regarding the judges (there are some great volunteers) and rubric in the coming days.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me or post in the forum.

Good luck to everyone.


  1. Jacob

    May 18, 06:48 AM

    Exciting stuff, and I totally love the new look. Nice work!

    I guess I’ll have to enter then!

  2. Angelo

    May 18, 05:51 PM

    Wow, hopefully this time I can do better.

    Also, the preview warning is unreadable (white on light pink).

  3. Thame

    May 19, 03:43 AM

    Thanks for the tip Angelo. I must’ve just copied that part over from the last site!

  4. Angelo

    May 19, 09:23 PM

    Ah, it looks much nicer now :)

  5. shishira

    May 21, 07:00 PM

    nice to be back! Hot hot textplates coming through :)

  6. Vladimir Agafonkin

    May 26, 10:21 AM

    Hey folks, I’d love to participate again! :) Hope you don’t mind. :)

  7. Cybergus

    May 31, 12:09 PM

    Heyyy people… a minimalistic portfolio template it’s a must for the textpattern community.

    There is no portfolio templates at this time.

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