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Widescreen - Template Screenshot

Widescreen is a gorgeous photoblog template that is the first (and only) in the competition.


  1. Angelo Ashmore

    Feb 28, 06:30 PM

    Just wondering, but why is there a huge empty space at the bottom? Or is it just Safari?

  2. shishira

    Feb 28, 07:08 PM

    the empty space is in FF and IE too excellent design othere wise

  3. q

    Feb 28, 07:52 PM

    for the comments? getting it too on FF.

    otherwise, glad to see a photoblog template here – great job! :-)

  4. Richard Glover

    Feb 28, 11:04 PM

    Is the comment input form supposed to be hidden behind the entry? It peaks out when at the top of the page and appears as I scroll down.

  5. James

    Feb 28, 11:50 PM

    Thanks everyone. Yes, the idea is that the comment input form becomes visible as you scroll down through the comments (or after you click on the comments jump link below the title). I had to put that bottom padding in there to make sure the form will get revealed even when there are no comments. There may be a better way, and I doubt everyone will like the fixed positioning effect in general.

    I’ll try to address this and some other issues over the next few weeks: the archive page, the category links (Rob Sable’s plug-in), paged search results, validation, support for images of different dimensions, etc.

    Updates will eventually go on the Widescreen page.

  6. Richard Glover

    Mar 1, 02:38 AM

    I just wasn’t sure if it was a bug or not…I can see how it can be a “feature” (one man’s bug is another man’s feature…Microsoft has made billions off of that).

    The problem is that the part that is showing DOES look like an error (if you don’t know Textile) since it says “ ?”.

  7. Richard Glover

    Mar 1, 02:41 AM

    Okay…I should have looked at the preview. It should have said (contained in exclamation marks):

    “imageurl ?”

  8. James

    Mar 1, 04:01 AM

    Richard, I see what you’re saying now, and you’re completely right: that is a mistake. The form is supposed to be completely covered by the info panel when the page first loads; it is in the Mac browsers I tested, but it isn’t in Firefox for Windows.

    Version .9 coming soon….

  9. Vladimir

    Mar 1, 06:08 AM

    The layout somewhat breaks after increasing the font size, but I truly hope it will be fixed soon, because I love it. :-)

  10. Maarten

    Mar 1, 06:40 AM

    Now this is a template! Compliments!

  11. Antonio

    Mar 2, 12:28 AM


    Best photoblog template I’ve seen so far.

    I would switch to Texpattern just to use it.

  12. Mike

    Mar 2, 08:07 AM

    It is beautiful. The “hidden comment form” and other features are great.

    One concern is that the validator says “Failed validation, 23 errors.”

  13. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 2, 11:58 AM

    lol @ Mike’s comment…

  14. red

    Mar 2, 11:20 PM

    finally a nice photoblog template for textpattern :)

    i noticed for archive you use the url format[title]. i’m not sure is this a bug or not, the links to each archive category use the same format as well and causes error 404.

  15. James

    Mar 3, 07:35 AM

    Hi red,

    Thanks for the feedback. It’s sort of a bug. As I understand it, Rob’s unlimited category plug-in intentionally uses the same URL scheme as the regular articles. See his journal’s textpattern category for an example.

    However, I just haven’t been able to get the plug-in fully working. The category links output fine, but when you click on them you get a 404. I left the plug-in in my demo (and as part of the template download) because I thought it might be a problem specific to my server, and because I figure he will be continuing development of the plug-in, so future versions of Widescreen should be able to incorporate his plug-in without starting from scratch.

  16. red

    Mar 3, 11:30 AM

    uh.. i plan to use the unlimited categories plug-in for a new project, haven’t tested it out though, i’ll be aware of the problem. seems like lots of people encountered the same problem, however Rob’s website works just fine with the category links, could it be extra line(s) in .htaccess or modded textpattern?

  17. thomas

    Mar 3, 01:38 PM

    one word: beautiful.

    (well collectively manage to squash these bugs, wont we?)

  18. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 4, 05:48 AM

    One suggestion, which would be very hard to do, it is to do away with px or % or whatever you’re using and use EMs so that the layout doesnt break when you increase the font size.

  19. Richard Glover

    Mar 4, 12:47 PM

    % and em are the same. Yeah, yeah…one is the width of blah blah. 90% = 0.9em .

  20. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 4, 02:12 PM

    EMs are cooler :P

  21. Vladimir

    Mar 5, 01:35 AM

    Angelo, it is not as hard as you think. Try it.

    Richard, you’re wrong. They are totally different. One is relative to the parent width and other is relative to the font size.

  22. Richard Glover

    Mar 5, 02:16 AM

    I thought we were talking about font sizes, in which case they ARE identical.

    You are right that in all other discussions, there is a distinction.

  23. Vladimir

    Mar 7, 08:55 AM

    “The server at is taking too long to respond.” – hmm, it seems that the demo went down. :-( Or is it just me?

  24. Vladimir

    Mar 7, 09:47 AM

    It seems to work now. Great. :-)

  25. Esmee

    Mar 12, 08:36 AM

    beautiful template!

    however, i cant get the archives to work. i keep getting a 404 error.

    can someone please tell me what it is i’m doing wrong?

  26. James

    Mar 12, 09:09 AM

    Hi Esmee,

    Thanks for checking out Widescreen!

    Did you create the archive section in Textpattern and assign the archive page template to it? Did you give the archive form a type of “article”?

  27. Esmee

    Mar 12, 09:39 AM

    thanks, James!

    it’s working beautifully now (had forgotten the type on the form)

    I really love the custom-color field, by the way. thanks again for this great template.

  28. James

    Apr 13, 05:21 PM

    Hi everyone,

    v.9 of Widescreen is now available. Thanks for all the feedback!

    Read more on the Widescreen page, view the demo, download it, or discuss it at the Textpattern forum

  29. Angelo Ashmore

    Apr 14, 07:31 AM

    Its nice to see you fixed the text-resizing problem.

    However, is there a way to get rid of that big empty space at the bottom? As far as I can see, that is the only problem Widescreen has (although I’m sure thats wrong)

  30. John

    Apr 15, 12:58 AM

    I’ve been playing about with this for a couple of days now. I’m having a few problems with categories/tags. It duplicates them all so that I will have several with the same name.

  31. James

    Apr 15, 01:06 PM

    John—is it possible you’re putting spaces after the commas in the keywords field? Try deleting the spaces —that way it won’t consider “manchester” and ”[space]manchester” two different tags.

  32. Jae

    Apr 20, 04:19 PM

    Hi there.

    I’m a new TP-user and just managed to successfully install the Widescreen template and the related plugins. However, I’m having problems in what to actually put in an article. Aside from the text, how do I make the image (both thumbnail, and the image itself) be displayed when being viewed?


  33. Zoekmachine

    Jun 4, 06:59 AM

    Great design, really like the looks of it

  34. James Muspratt

    Jul 11, 12:18 PM

    FYI everyone, Widescreen 1.0 is now available:

    information | changelog| demo installation | download


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