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Second Skin

Template Screenshot

Second Skin is a colorful blog-style template.


  1. Angelo Ashmore

    Feb 28, 12:01 PM

    This does NOT work in Safari.

    Check it out.

  2. Angelo Ashmore

    Feb 28, 12:02 PM

    Sorry for double commenting, but this is also NOT valid XHTML or valid CSS.

    Something you should STRONGLY consider.

  3. Alex McKee

    Feb 28, 01:44 PM

    Angelo, there’s only 3 validation errors. All the designer has done is forgotten to close a few elements.

    As for the CSS, the errors are being caused by an inexplicit path (if I’m reading the validator right. I’m not checking the actual file).

    The warnings are only there because there’s no bg colour, sometimes it doesn’t seem necessary (but I appreciate that it is).

    They’re all minor errors.

  4. Kevin

    Feb 28, 02:51 PM

    This site also breaks in Opera 8 on Windows. I know its not required, but it might be the same problem that is breaking Safari.

  5. giuliano

    Feb 28, 08:44 PM

    thanks for comment

    i can’t check in safari cause i use pc

    i’ve used iCapture and appeared to be ok, and the site looks good in the last osx safari too as i’ve seen from a friends

    and in my version of opera (8.52) it works good too

    i’m interested in standards and making sites cross-browser, so if you want to send me screenshots of the problemes (and the versions of the browsers in which they happen) i’ll check for the problems

    i haven’t too much cause i’m working but i’ll correct these errors as soon as i can

  6. giuliano

    Feb 28, 09:02 PM


    now i see the problems, the last corrections i’ve maded to css before submitting broke the site in opera & safari in this weird manner, i’ve forgotten to check in those browser yesterday

    i’ll correct the problems as soon as i can, thank for pointing out, i was no conscious of this problems

  7. giuliano

    Feb 28, 10:21 PM

    div #sidebar was not floatted, shame on me

    probably writing an owen hack i forgot to duplicate the rule

    thanks for pointing out

  8. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 1, 02:40 AM

    Lol, I was just looking through the files, and the nav.css was empty.

  9. Jon

    Mar 9, 06:43 PM

    I just spent over an hour trying to get this installed and nothing is resolving! No css, no images.

    Has anyone gotten this to work? Are the css references correct? (../graphics/image.gif) This seems wrong for my path: – contains my graphics dir, css dir, plus textpattern dir – contains config.php, publish.php, etc.

  10. Thame

    Mar 10, 05:46 AM

    I just took a look at the instructions and they seemed pretty clear.

    You need to follow the directions exactly for things to work. That means that your css folder should be inside the “textpattern” directory and the master.css should be pasted into the admin panel.

    Also, your images folder should also be inside the “textpattern” directory.

    Reread the Install.txt because it is alot clearer than what I just explained.

  11. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 17, 12:12 PM

    The demo page was changed.

    Isn’t this against the rules?

  12. giuliano

    Mar 18, 07:02 AM

    It’s several weeks i do not log to the ftp/textpattern panel where the site is hosted.

    So what would be changed ? Are you sure of what you are saying ?

  13. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 18, 09:26 AM

    You changed the css.

    The first time I checked it didn’t work in Safari (which I commented about on Feb 28). Now it does work in Safari.

  14. Phil McCrackin

    Mar 18, 11:22 AM

    Who are you, the template police?

  15. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 18, 01:52 PM


    Just want it to be fair.


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