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ColorSplash - Template Screenshot

“A basic but colorful blog template.”


  1. Richard Glover

    Feb 28, 04:16 PM

    Thats a LOT of divs for three columns, a header, and a footer.

  2. Angelo Ashmore

    Feb 28, 04:25 PM

    It looks like just a CSS mod of the default template.

    At least it could have been done that way.

  3. Michael Pate

    Mar 1, 01:51 AM

    Try examining the page without the CSS turned on. The reason for all theDIVs is that you end up with source-ordered content with is good for both accessability and SEO.

  4. Richard Glover

    Mar 1, 02:32 AM

    You can source order without the extra divs. In fact, I believe there was an A List Apart article about that very thing just recently (3 column, header, footer, source ordered).

  5. Michael Pate

    Mar 1, 04:12 AM

    I think In Search of the Holy Grail is the article in question. I will keep that in mind for my next creation.

  6. Dana

    Mar 14, 06:46 PM

    This design has to be a joke right? Surely this was submitted by accident?

    This design not only has eye blinding colors but is totally unoriginal and uninspiring.

    This is nothing more than a 3 column version of the default MT template.

    Shame on the creator.Remove this theme from the contest this instant and come back with something original for heaven’s sake.

  7. yonner

    Mar 24, 01:48 PM

    dana, lighten up.

    you spaz!


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