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Charcoal Lite

Charcoal Lite - Template Screenshot

A simple, dark template with three columns.


  1. benp

    Mar 7, 08:53 AM

    Very nice and slick!

    Having problems installing it, though – instructions are a bit confusing…

  2. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 7, 11:13 AM

    Thanks :)

    All you need to do is upload the /lite/ folder to the same folder the Textpattern folder is in.

    After that you just copy and paste the contents of the txt files into the appropriate sections. For example, the “default.txt” in the “pages” folder would replace the “default” contents in the “pages” section of the presentation area of Textpattern

  3. benp

    Mar 7, 02:16 PM

    Thanks Angelo,

    That’s what I did but it seems it has to do with Textpattern being installed in a sub-directory (ex:

    I copied the /lite/ folder to all levels and it’s working but I should probably try changing the links in the code.

  4. ikebowen

    Mar 9, 06:05 AM

    What’s that font I see in the preview? It’s not in the stylesheet; what is it?

  5. Thame

    Mar 9, 06:10 AM

    Looks like everything on the page is Lucida Grande.

  6. Vladimir

    Mar 9, 09:57 AM

    Did you include all that prototype and scriptalicious stuff only to show your copyright with flourishes? Where else is it used?

  7. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 9, 10:57 AM

    Vladimir, it’s used for the copyright and the go-to-top arrow (bottom right corner).

    Yes, everything is Lucida Grande

    And I am very sorry; I forgot to include a file in the installation

  8. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 9, 11:38 AM

    It seems I didn’t finish my sentence.

    Its the file for the font-size changer (which is styleswitcher.php).

    Ive contacted Thame.

  9. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 9, 03:58 PM

    For all of those who downloaded this theme, it will have to be redownloaded for the font-size changer to work.

    Sorry :/

  10. Thame

    Mar 9, 04:37 PM

    The template has been updated.

  11. Vladimir

    Mar 10, 07:27 AM

    Angelo, don’t get me wrong – it’s a great theme, besides, the only one with a style switcher, so people will be happy to use it. Maybe it’s just me thinking that all that js effects stuff is somewhat redundant for a Textpattern template.

  12. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 10, 10:56 AM

    I just wanted to have somewhat an elegant way of showing the copright since I was having problems displaying it under the content (which I have now thought of a way to do it :/).

    And I kind of didn’t want to just use it just for the copyright, so I added the scroll-to-top thing.

  13. benp

    Mar 12, 02:57 PM

    Too bad, I really like this theme but I give up; it just won’t work properly if Textpattern is installed in a subdirectory – and I’m not knowledgeable enough yet to customize the code…

  14. Ricardo

    Mar 15, 07:14 PM

    I really don’t understand some of the choices the author made in this template.

    For starters it uses a lot of php tags which have been replaced by txp:php a few versions ago. Even replacing those I can’t get the thing to work.

    Then there’s the php/mysql code to get the last 10 posts from the db… Why?! What’s wrong with the txp:article tag?

    If not for these things, this would easily be one of my favorites. Nevertheless, congratulations for the rest!

  15. Angelo Ashmore

    Mar 16, 03:54 AM

    Well, I only started using Textpattern mid-Feb specifically for this competition, so I really don’t know much about Textpattern.

    As for the php, I couldn’t think of a way to make only the first 30 (I think it was 30) characters appear and add the ”...” at the end.

    Sorry about that.

    Had I known more about Textpattern, I would have implemented those features.

  16. Ryan

    Mar 16, 11:44 AM


    There is a Textpattern plugin called pfa_beginning that automatically generates excerpts—you define the length. Very good stuff. It would accomplish what you’re referring to without altering source code or adding php.

    It’s in use on my template Giftwrap.

  17. tim

    Apr 11, 07:38 AM

    Anyone got an alternative demo url? Isn’t currently working

  18. Angelo Ashmore

    Apr 11, 11:58 AM


    I forgot that was the demo URL.

    If someone has a working demo of it, please can you post it? :/

  19. Angelo Ashmore

    Apr 16, 02:14 PM

    I just found that in my website. Its a preview of Charcoal Lite in Safari


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