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Hot Pink

Hot Pink - Template Screenshot

Hot Pink is an easily customizable theme that integrates the increasingly popular footer navigations.


  1. Richard Glover

    Feb 27, 06:25 AM

    Anyone else notice that the demo page is NOT hot pink at all…in fact, it is “peppermint tea” which is powered by wordpress?

  2. Ryan

    Feb 27, 06:25 AM

    The demo URL isn’t working for me. Takes me to a Mint add-on download page.

  3. Thame

    Feb 27, 07:57 AM

    I apoplogize. I didn’t have much time to post all the entries because I had a class.

    The demo path has been updated.

  4. stdmedia

    Feb 27, 09:34 AM

    I really like the color and simplicity of this one, fantastic work.


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