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Sapphire - Template Screenshot

Sapphire is a smooth template that is meant to be a “near drop-in replacement for Textpattern’s default installation”.


  1. Juanjo Navarro

    Feb 26, 06:53 AM

    I love this template. I like the colors and the top header.

    Great work.

  2. Richard Glover

    Feb 26, 07:40 AM

    Search at the bottom? Not very functional. Any chance of moving it up somewhere?

  3. Jennifer

    Feb 26, 12:30 PM

    Wow. This is wonderful. I love it!

  4. NeilA

    Feb 26, 03:22 PM

    This is a great alternative to the standard look of TXP. Well done Kevin!

  5. Angelo Ashmore

    Feb 26, 06:24 PM

    This is very Windows XPish, if you know what I mean.

  6. Quang Anh Do

    Feb 26, 06:39 PM

    I love this theme! It’s really really great.

    I also find out that the search button is annoying and should be moved to somewhere else.

  7. JEL

    Feb 27, 04:31 AM

    De todos los estilos presentados hasta ahora, éste es el más fuerte, estéticamente hablando.

    Buen trabajo, sí.

  8. Johnson

    Mar 5, 07:07 PM

    One of my favorite templates! I’m actually using it right now. Works great.

    Only problem is the stylesheets crashs (random crashs after page loads) my IE6.0 SP2 when I use it with Lightbox JS. I tried the Lightbox JS without the sapphire stylesheets and the site stops crashing. Reload the stylesheets and it crashs again.

  9. keuken

    Jul 23, 05:39 AM

    Great design! Simple and effective. Compliments


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