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Profilo - Template Screenshot

Profilo is a clean and simple “company profile” template.


  1. Arif Widianto

    Feb 26, 02:19 PM

    Hi Thomas,

    Congratz for your templates. It seem wonderful, with the clean and professional looks. I bet this is one of the best templates ever submitted.

    PS: Hope me finally finished my own templates :)

  2. Alex McKee

    Feb 26, 03:23 PM

    Ooh very nice indeed. Good to see the corporate themes starting to fill up.

  3. Isaac Bowen

    Feb 27, 12:49 AM

    I approve – thank you for a very tasteful submission.

  4. Anton Zuiker

    Feb 27, 01:38 AM

    Quite nice. Thanks for submitting this.

  5. Thomas

    Feb 27, 02:13 AM

    Thanks for the feedback all. Yeah, time to give something to the community… ;)

  6. Wendy

    Feb 27, 06:39 AM

    Really lovely – thanks so much.



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