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SKYTheme is a light and airy template that I’m sure many will enjoy.


  1. Richard Glover

    Feb 24, 02:28 PM

    The zip file doesn’t appear to have all the files it is supposed to (for instance, I can’t navigate to the javascript in “themes/sky/ie7…”.

    Also, at VERY high screen widths, the background image escapes the frame (noted in the comments on the demo site).

  2. chris

    Feb 24, 03:08 PM

    apologies on the zip issue.. new one posted and resubmitted

  3. Thame

    Feb 24, 03:21 PM

    The zip file has been updated.

  4. Robert Hartl

    Feb 24, 10:54 PM

    Great design! The site is unfortunately very long, but really a new way. Maybe a sidebar-version with fixed search and category-drop-down would increase its usability. Thanks for this individual theme.


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