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In The Woods

In The Woods - Template Screenshot

It seems that Textplate-Fever might be catching on as many competitors find themselves submitting multiple templates.

In The Woods is a dark and earthy template with an appealing style.


  1. Zeerus

    Feb 23, 01:08 AM

    now this is a great looking template. The color scheme is nice, the graphics are top notch, and everything flows well. I love the footer too

  2. Makki

    Feb 23, 04:52 AM

    I am very impressed with this textplate. Very nice work and one of the best ones i have seen for txp to date. Congratulations on a cool design.

  3. Vladimir

    Feb 23, 06:35 AM

    Totaly unreadable for me. The colour scheme makes my eyes hurt. But after making the background lighter it would be OK.

    Respect for the elastic layout though, I do one too. :-)

  4. Ryan

    Feb 23, 08:28 AM

    Excellent, excellent, excellent.

    You’re never going to please everyone, Jacob. This is very good work, though.

  5. Angelo Ashmore

    Feb 23, 03:20 PM

    Um, what does naam and bericht mean?

  6. Jacob

    Feb 24, 01:24 AM

    Hehe, naam and bericht is Dutch for name and message. I accidently used the comment form from my dutch textpattern site in the demo. Fixed the demo now though.

    Luckily I did inlcude the right form in the zip package so it shouldn’t be a problem there. Thanks for noticing.

  7. Dana

    Mar 14, 06:49 PM

    I like that you have added some color and warmth to this competition.Too many so-called designers are doing the white Zen thing and it is so getting old, not to mention boring.

    Your colors are beautiful and the images and styling can easily fit any type of blog.

    Good luck :)


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