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USB - Template Screenshot

Juanjo’s submission is unique in that it maintains the default Textpattern page templates and forms. The entire template is composed of a few images and the new stylesheet.


  1. Zeerus

    Feb 23, 01:10 AM

    I’m not so sure about this one. It’s very simple, but a few things seem out of place. First off, I love the 3 column design, but the type seems out of place for the headline elements, maybe something a bit more corporate, like Trebuchet MS

    also, I dislike the color of the blog title and tagline copy, it just disrupts the whole feel of the template.

  2. Ryan

    Feb 23, 08:32 AM

    I think it’s good. Some people will want a more streamlined template that’s not the default. And I like that it’s tech-centric.

  3. Vladimir

    Feb 23, 09:41 AM

    Hmm… This template utilizes the default pages and forms that were coded by someone else. So, may this be considered as an original author’s work?

  4. Thame

    Feb 23, 12:12 PM

    I would definitely consider this the author’s original work. It has a very unique style and uses original images and colors.

    Also, the pages and forms that were coded by “someone else” don’t really count in this case because they are the default.

  5. Markus Merz

    Feb 23, 01:59 PM

    I just looked at it and I really like the clear and crispy approach. I am no CSS guru so others must judge about the quality of the three columns design. I am definitely looking for a three columns design for Textpattern.

    (PS & OT: I am looking for a solution to bring Textpattern and LifeType to coexistence to offer a local newspaper design and a multi blogging platform – any hints? Please shoot a mail to hr_merz at

  6. Juanjo Navarro

    Feb 23, 08:01 PM


    Thank you for your comments.

    To use the default pages of textpattern was a sort of auto-limitation I imposed myself because I want this template to be the easier to install for newbies.

    So, this was “on purpose”

  7. John Rynne

    Feb 24, 04:13 AM

    Great idea making it work with the basic installation (no forms, no plugins, no grief :-)

  8. the absent student

    Feb 24, 04:14 AM

    Vladimir: when Wordpress held their first style competition it was a requirement that people use the default template and change only the CSS styles. So I find the suggestion that this is somehow cheating amusing, to say the least.

  9. Vladimir

    Feb 24, 09:31 AM

    I’ve just asked, thats all. :-) I’m not against it. Quite the contrary – I like the idea.

  10. Angelo Ashmore

    Feb 24, 07:27 PM

    The demo page seems to be a 404 now.


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