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Corner Store

Corner Store - Template Screenshot

Tom MacWright’s submission is the first non-blog template of the competition.


  1. Ryan

    Feb 21, 01:40 AM

    Great job.

    One bug, though. The footer and list style’s don’t line up in Internet Explorer 6 (which I have to use for business purposes). The footer is too far right and the list bullet’s appear outside the content box.

    Let me know if you need a screenshot or i can help. I love the use of color and the menu system is cool. Excellent job.

  2. tom

    Feb 21, 06:00 AM

    Sure, if you have a screenshot I’d be interested. I tried testing it on IE6, but it might’ve been rendering as IE7.

  3. tom

    Feb 21, 06:14 AM

    ah. the problem with the list style is solved. download here

  4. Ryan

    Feb 21, 09:12 AM

    Let me know where to send it and it’ll be on it’s way.

  5. tom

    Feb 21, 11:34 AM

    Hi Ryan –

  6. Thame

    Feb 21, 11:58 AM

    I have updated the main ZIP file with the one that you linked to in the comment.

    In the future, please e-mail me any modifications/upgrades so that we can have an organized and up-to-date location for all the templates.

  7. stdmedia

    Feb 21, 03:16 PM

    Very clean and simple. I do like it. Nice work!

  8. Angelo Ashmore

    Feb 21, 05:59 PM

    May I ask, what is the star rater?

  9. John Rynne

    Feb 21, 11:12 PM


    I love the clean look. However, I would be grateful for some documentation (this goes for most, if not all, TXP templates).

    As far as I can see, the buttons are generated from titles of articles in the About section.

    Other sections (if any) don’t appear.

    This also means that you can only have 4 or 5 such articles, and their titles have to be short (otherwise you run out of space).

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Isn’t this very limiting? (Or maybe I just don’t get it??)


  10. tom

    Feb 23, 01:46 AM


    @angelo – the star rater is tcm_rating which was originally in this template but it gradually stopped serving a purpose in this particular template.

    @john – yes, the number of pages is limited by menu space. It’s not meant for huge websites – really the main consideration is fitting the needs of the many businesses and groups – stores, restaurants, clubs, etc. first, which hasn’t really been the focus of any other template. The limitation is a side-effect of increased focus.

    That being said, there is another thing –

    to add, say, a news section or section for something else chronological or series-based, one could just add another list item to the menu to link to that section.

    I’ll try to get improved docs up within a couple of days, but I really am pretty overloaded with work lately.

  11. Maarten

    Feb 24, 08:02 PM

    Really nice and distinguishing from the others.

  12. Garrett

    Mar 10, 08:52 AM


    This is a beautiful template. I’m having difficulties with the random image chooser, though. It favors one image over the others heavily (probably choosing one picture out of a possible five 95% of the time). Any ideas what might be causing that?

  13. rc

    Mar 12, 09:16 AM

    I really like the site, but I seem to have problems

    creating menu items, I have created new sections,

    I add more articles and a new menu item is.

    If I add the item manually as you have written in INSTALL.txt I get several menu items repeated.

    I guess I am too new to the txp

    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I would like to browse on the sections/menu items and see different articles, at least one on each section.




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