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Che Guevara

Che Guevara Template

This is a colorful blog template currently featuring the cuban politician, Ernesto Guevara but it seems very easily customizable.

This template was not originally designed by Marko Mihelcic. It was created by “” for


  1. stdmedia

    Feb 4, 12:36 PM

    Very nice and simple, good work.

  2. x

    Feb 8, 03:38 AM

    MCVillie, you’re not a f*** australian, M8!

  3. Jan

    Feb 12, 09:42 AM

    IMO it’s stupid to submit to contest work based on design maded by someone else ( ).

    Marko Mihelcic didn’t even change charset.

  4. Thame

    Feb 12, 11:05 AM

    Jan: Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I clearly specified in the rules that all submissions would be the original work of the author with no ports accepted. This template will not be entered in the competition and I have changed the author details in the template description.

    Again, thank you for letting me know and I will be contacting Marko about the issue.

  5. Mattias

    Feb 13, 03:37 AM

    Very well done! A good thing that this type of behavior donĀ“t pass unnoticed.

  6. Marko Mihelcic

    Feb 13, 09:55 PM

    I was shocked to see this! Here’s my explenation that I sent Thame yesterday:

    OMG your corect I had no idea of this!!11

    my colege n0p sent me a half made html file and css that he said he made and I could take the credit if I finishe it, so i did. I’m very mad now ! I’m sorry I had no idea. You could take that template down if you like, and I’ll have a word with my colege about this issue thanks again for notifing me for this!

  7. Anonymous

    Feb 14, 12:43 AM

    Well that clears things up.

  8. Alex McKee

    Feb 18, 08:23 AM

    To be fair it’s really quite extensively modified.

  9. carlos

    Feb 20, 07:01 AM

    Just what we needed… A ripped-off theme, celebrating a communist murderer.

  10. Raul

    Feb 24, 01:44 AM

    Please get it right: his name was Ernesto Guevara Lynch and he was from Argentina, not Cuba. He left Argentina and ended up in cuba, but he was an Argentine doctor (as seen in the movie “Motorcycle Diaires”. And yes, you are celebrating what essentially is a TERRORIST. This guy meddled in the affairs of a country not his own, and as a result Cuba is still a showcase of tyranny and lack of freedom. Guevara, like Bin Laden, embraced violent means to his misguided ends.

  11. not important

    Mar 2, 03:01 AM


    Please, do not show your political views where they don’t belong, especially when they’re delusionate.


    M.Mihelcic is well known in some croatian portals for stealing other people’s work, form wich he had been repeatedly excluded and banned.

    I propose to you to exclude him in advance from all contests you might continue to work on. (and yes, the excuses he uses are also familiar).

    @Marko Mihelcic aka MC_Poseidon aka thief:

    Stop it out already, will you! You’re an embarassement to all of the normal hard working on the web from Croatia.

  12. Thame

    Mar 2, 04:00 PM

    Well, I have excluded him from this competition, and will definitely take a close look at any future submissions.

    It is dissapointing that all of his submissions were either slightly modified free templates or almost completely stolen as is the case here.

  13. Jon

    Mar 14, 03:25 PM

    So I downloaded and installed per readme, but it comes up incomplete with a missing front_article_long

    Has anyone installed this? What am I missing?

  14. Medezeggenschap

    May 17, 09:26 PM

    great thing to do…!

  15. Klaus

    May 20, 07:00 AM

    Good work, what’s next, a template about Hitler?


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