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Text My Pattern

Textmypattern Screenshot

Jacob’s submission is a unique design that features his own illustrations and a very warm theme.


  1. stdmedia

    Jan 26, 08:32 PM

    This is so far my favorite. It’s very clean and I like the header image… Fun. I hope this is a sign of what’s to come. Actually maybe I should get off my lazy @$$ and start coding a template, in fact I will.

    See you all later, I’ve got work to do.

  2. Matthew Pennell

    Jan 26, 09:19 PM

    Nice work, Jacob! :)

  3. Evdawg

    Jan 28, 03:04 PM

    Absolutely wonderful. Clean design and an amazing bold header.

    Well done indeed :D

  4. Disco Davy

    Jan 30, 03:31 AM

    Wow! This is my favourite one! Wonderful design!

    Good work, Jacob! I hope you win

  5. Dana

    Jan 30, 09:00 AM

    This is one of the better submissions so far.Still not too universal, but compared to the others it rocks.

  6. Brian

    Jan 31, 04:57 AM

    Nice design. I generally don’t recommend top heavy templates. But this one is nicely done.

  7. Christopher

    Mar 19, 09:29 AM

    Wow this is beautiful. It makes me wanna set a Chihuahua on fire.

  8. keuken

    Aug 13, 06:43 PM

    great design! stylish and clean…..


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