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GreenRind Screenshot

GreenRind is a colorful template designed by shishira using Position Is Everything’s Pagemaker.

Being one of the first three submitters, shishira wins a year of free hosting from Glyph Solutions

The package includes 150MB storage, 1.5GB Bandwidth, unlimited FTP and email accounts, mySQL databases and subdomains powered by cPanel.


  1. shishira

    Jan 18, 12:22 PM

    Thanks a ton Thame

    yipee i get hosting…

  2. Thame

    Jan 20, 01:57 PM

    Congrats. Someone should have contacted you about your prize.

  3. shishira

    Jan 23, 02:37 PM

    Yep mails sent across the template section is looking real good

    thanks again

  4. shishira

    Jan 31, 01:30 PM

    Update The hosting is up and running

    thank you ike Glyph Solutions.

  5. Hemanth

    Feb 3, 03:15 AM

    Congrats..very well done dude this is on of the best desings i hav cn in my life time

  6. Dana

    Mar 14, 07:07 PM

    Shishira, I will be honest with you because it is my hope that it will help you grow to be a better designer.

    Your color choices are very poor as they are not very soothing.Everytime I look at this design it hurts my eyes.A design should either soothe or excite, but never hurt.I think the average person who visits a site with this design probably wouldn’t stay long and we know most people don’t that.

    The sidebar content looks odd as it looks like it has been cutoff.It just looks like something is missing.

    Other than that, this is a simple 2 column theme that doesn’t really inspire me to want to use it.

  7. shishira

    Apr 5, 05:39 AM

    Nice to know that you are still around Dana and thanks for the concern …

    One of my main intentions were to creat a bullet proof 2 column layout which can be customised to any widths and style. The zip file contains the source file(Fireworks) this file can be altered and the slices re-exported to make the site look and feel as you like . . .

    the main idea was customizability & hence the creative license with the colors


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