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Textpattern Resources

If you’re interested in entering the competition, but aren’t familiar enough with the Textpattern CMS, here are a list of important resources that should cover the basics:


  1. James

    Mar 12, 04:09 PM

    That sounds really good. I didn’t enter because the timing wasn’t too good, but I’m excited to see what comes out of this.

  2. Andrew

    Mar 14, 02:44 PM

    That sounds really good. I’ve been meaning to look into Textpattern, but haven’t found enough good resources. Maybe you could explain in detail how forms relate to articles or other content parts?

  3. Jérémie

    Mar 14, 04:53 PM

    Andrew, look for Textbook and the Textpattern Forum support. Textplate is neither.

  4. Thame

    Mar 15, 09:36 AM

    Well, if there isn’t a good enough description on other TXP resources, I wrote this post for ep

    Well, I wrote this post for people who had knowledge to share to come forth and those who were a little confused about an area to also come forth for help. If there isn’t a good enough description on other TXP resources, I’d be more than happy to explain the details of Textpattern forms and their relationship to other templating systems.

    I don’t want to step into the territory of other TXP resources (perhaps Textplates could be a resource dedicated to templating in TXP), but I also don’t want the site to lay dormant between competition periods.

    If this isn’t a good idea, let me know because I might be trying to pump life into somthing that can’t use it…

  5. Ryan

    Mar 16, 11:41 AM

    I have a customization tutorial I am working on now.

    How about a section where the public can share their site and how they are using these templates? That would create some buzz, to see them on use on more than demo pages.

  6. Thame

    Mar 16, 12:43 PM

    I was thinking of adding a forum for both support purposes and showing off your site.

    Would that be infringing on the main Textpattern forum, or is our topic unique enough to require its own forum?

    If we are going to have a forum, I think Vanilla would be perfect.

  7. stdmedia

    Mar 16, 08:11 PM

    I think it’d be a fantastic idea, not only could you encourage growth, but the site would no longer stay “domant”. I thought that it’d be a logical step, but I don’t know about vanilla.

    At this point it’s just too hard (in my mind) to customize, I’d put off untill 1.0, or just use the default theme.

  8. Thame

    Mar 16, 11:49 PM

    OK, I’ll start finding a good forum. I’ve used PunBB on my own site, but I thought that Vanilla’s layout might be useful for this kind of thing.

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