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Blue is a simple, standards compliant blog template.


  1. Piotr Delawski

    Jul 13, 03:41 AM

    Nice clean style! I like it:)

  2. Stephanie Hider

    Jul 13, 10:11 PM

    thanks =D

  3. Ali

    Jul 14, 01:51 PM

    After struggling with another template for a few hours I decided to try yours. I am very impressed. Not only does it work without any tweaks or anything, but it also took under twenty minutes to set up, which is amazing as far as pretty TXP templates go. I do have a question though. Under my Archives heading, I’m seeing “Link Archives” and that’s it. This is most likely a problem only I’m having (such is my luck with all things TXP) but I was curious to know if you knew anyway to fix this. Thanks!

  4. Ali

    Jul 14, 01:52 PM

    Okay, to add to my comment of a tenth of a second ago, I just checked the demo and it’s there too. What is it for? Thanks!

  5. Stephanie Hider

    Jul 14, 09:10 PM

    Thanks =) Glad it worked its my first ever template hehe. I apologize when I made the template I was not familiar with TXP enough to feel comfortable with creating sections so that is just a dummy placement for where your Links to your archives would go.

    This comment form is stripping the code I tried to explain with, so I will have to put it in the demo. I will build this section out in the next day and post a download for the addition of an archive on the demo. I don’t think I can modify the zip file otherwise I would add it to there.

  6. Stephanie

    Jul 21, 10:23 AM

    New download (on demo) has double post issue fixed.

  7. elvis

    Sep 3, 06:37 PM

    nice theme,but there’s some questions,how should i set the sections when i want to use this theme?


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